7 Facebook Ads Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

by | Feb 23, 2020 | Facebook

Have you ever been really excited at the beginning of your Facebook ad run, only to slowly fade into feelings of disappointment and frustration at not getting the results you wanted for your business?

We’ve all been there. Strategies, however, can put an end to this frustration!

Facebook allows you to determine your core audience, custom audience, and lookalike audience for your ads. Facebook uses an ads algorithm to pair the best audience with the most relevant ads while also creating a user-friendly environment.

Let’s take a look at several strategies to implement in your next Facebook ads campaign. We have researched the 7 most important Facebook trends you need to utilize.

1. Facebook Trends for 2020: Rising Cost for Ads

Costs for Facebook ads are increasing in expense in 2020 and here are several reasons why.

  • Supply and demand—More advertisers mean more demand for ad space, which is what causes the cost for ads to increase.
  • Quality of the ad—If you find your ad is not performing well, maybe it’s because you are not providing good user experience.
  • Seasonal traffic—Facebook sees an increase in ad recipients during the holiday season.
  • Politics and elections—2020, being an election year, will see a large increase in political campaign ads. Because of the high target audience on Facebook, this is where most politicians will start their campaigns.
  • Lifetime value –What is the value of your customer? Will they continually engage with your ads?

Supply and Demand

Facebook has over 7 million advertisers as of December 2019. That is a lot of business!

In 2016 Facebook had about 4 million advertisers, which means we are looking at almost a 50% increase in supply over the past 3-4 years.

Quality of the Ad

Facebook is a platform that uses an algorithm to reward a good user experience. Some examples of good user experience include:

  • Readable font size and style
  • Accessible tabs on your site to make it user-friendly
  • Designed well-contrasting backgrounds

2. Facebook Trends: An Increase in AI, AR, and Automation

Artificial Intelligence is one of the investments Facebook has really placed their stock in. Here are several automation tools that advertisers find readily available to them:

  • Dynamic Creative
  • Placement Optimization
  • News Feed Language Translators
  • Ad Delivery Optimization
  • Multiple Text Options

Augmented Reality Ads (AR)

Facebook actively seeks engagement and richness of interaction through ads and by using Augmented Reality (AR), an advertiser of say, makeup, allows a potential customer to try their product in virtual reality.

Michael Kors, the first brand to test Facebook’s AR features in their ads, allowed customers to try on sunglasses virtually.

3. Facebook Trends: Mobile, Not Desktop

More than 90% of users access Facebook from their mobile devices, basically rendering desktop access obsolete. Ads need to be mobile friendly and geared toward the mobile user rather than desktop.

Several aspects to focus on for your mobile ads are:

  • Placement of the text
  • The image in the ad
  • Length of ad copy
  • Use video with captions (paying attention to video length)
  • Good video quality
  • Consider live video option as well

4. Facebook Trends: Engagement Through Video

Statistics show that the number of videos viewed on Facebook on a daily basis is a staggering 8 billion! With 90% of Facebook users being mobile, you have to make sure your ad is geared towards a mobile audience.

Another interesting statistic is that of that 8 billion number, 85% of those video views are without any sound! This is where the concept of excellent, concise, and engaging video text comes into play.

5. Facebook Trends: Facebook Stories

While most people consider only using Facebook News Feed for ad placement, Facebook Stories is apparently “where it’s at.”

Facebook Stories are a combination of videos, pictures, and posts that are, like Snapchat or Insta Stories, only available for 24 hours. Videos can be up to 20 seconds long, and pictures are displayed for 5 seconds.

While you might question the significance of Facebook Stories since there are other social media platforms that mostly or solely rely on this 24-hour feature, the amount of daily Facebook users on Stories is 500 million!

6. Facebook Trends: Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

In order for an ad to have the most results for a lower cost, Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is what should be considered.

CBO optimizes the distribution of your set funds across your ad sets. The budgeted money is distributed in real-time to your best functioning ads, to provide the best and greatest user viewing opportunities possible.

When using CBO, you determine how much money you want to spend and across how many days you want the ad to run for. If you set a budget for your ads, say, $500 and choose to have that divided between 5 days, you could set your daily budget cap at $100 per day.

7. Facebook Trends for 2020: Placement Optimization

Facebook’s default option for ad placements is “automatic placements.” Automatic placements cover the broad spectrum of reaching both mobile and desktop users.

While “automatic” is Facebook’s “recommended” placements setting, it displays in right column ads that cost more, are hard for users to see or pay attention to, and don’t include Call To Action (CTA) buttons.

Automatic placements do, however, include News Feed ads which are lower costing than right column ads and have a higher participation rate with desktop users.

As previously discussed, 90% of Facebook users are mobile, though. So, if you wish to narrow down your audience field, select the “edit placements” option to customize your placement targeting.

By editing placements, you can also choose to have your ad featured and viewed on other social media platforms such as Instagram. You also have customizable choices a couple of which include:

  • “News Feed” placement
  • Facebook’s “instant articles”
  • “In-stream videos”
  • “suggested videos”

Final Thoughts on Facebook Trends

You may have been upset previously at not generating the traffic you want to your business site. By now having researched these 7 Facebook trends, you can feel confident about your next ad campaign!

By taking care to implement each of these trends into your campaign, you will not only be generating more site traffic and user interaction but also selling more product to the right target audience.

If you would like to dive further into enhancing your Facebook strategy, contact us today for your free website analysis.