119% Increase In Sales In 6 Months

How we helped Yarlap double their revenue in just 6 months.

The Plan

We first implemented an SEO campaign that optimized their website, then focused on targeting keywords they ranked for but not on page 1, to start driving traffic quickly to their site. We then built out a content marketing plan to target new keywords through their blog.

Next we built out a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic and identify profitable keywords that we could implement into our SEO campaign. Then, we built out a retargeting campaign to capture people who added the product to cart but did not purchase.

Website Development

We designed a new website in 2020 which increased their sales 119% in just 6 months.

Google Adwords

We created a Google Adwords Campaign that has returned a 3 to 1 Return on Ad Spend.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO campaign focusing on content marketing and education that’s increased their traffic 1,110% in 18 months.

The Execution

As we implemented this campaign, we discussed with our client we believed the best way to scale this campaign as by creating a new website. Which we built in April of 2020.

After the new website our clients keyword rankings, conversion rate on paid ads, and organic traffic all skyrocketed. Yarlap is currently a client and we are continuing to scale their campaign!

The Results

Compay: Yarlap
Website: www.yarlap.com

The Yarlap® with AutoKegel® is an award winning FDA cleared medical device that does Kegel exercise workouts for women. Yarlap® treats urinary incontinence and tones the pelvic floor muscles.


Organic Traffic


Top 5 Keywords


Conversion Rate


Online Leads

Happy Customer

“Pattern SEO takes the extra time to make sure that our campaigns and everything are running smoothly. I never feel like I’m pestering them – they answer everything in a quick and informative manner. 5 stars only because 10 isn’t an option.”

MaryEllen Reider
Co-Founder of Yarlap